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Belinda Deenick SSW CLAC CAHP

Belinda Deenick SSW CLAC CAHP GraduatesHome

Belinda Deenick SSW  CLAC CAHP

After 22 years of working with a diversity of people through non profit organizations and rehabilitation centres, I choose to continue to support 'healing and a return to wellness' from a new pathway ... Aromatherapy. This complimentary therapy is steeped in rich tradition and scientific principles. 

Healing Fragrances School of Aromatherapy program introduces you to a blend of techniques and approaches as a practitioner, along with the critical lenses of organic chemistry, biology, pathology, anatomy and physiology. Personally, the moment that will always stand out, was when we were learning massage techniques and Danielle Sade (Instructor) placed her hands over mine. She possesses a fluidity and grace as a practitioner, that I had the opportunity to feel first hand. 

Currently I own and operate Belinda Botanicals and Lifeworks Coaching and Facilitation.Two innovative and organic businesses which work hand in hand. There is a powerful dynamic when we blend Coaching with Aromatherapy. I also carry a line moisturizers, eye serums, body lotions, specially formulated and crafted by myself. Stay connected to the websites below for upcoming workshops, information sessions, on line programs, tele-classes and the launch of my new product line. Ready to explore the world of Aromatherapy? I would love to hear from you!


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