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Elaine McArthur RMT CAHP

Elaine McArthur RMT CAHP GraduatesHome

Elaine McArthur RMT CAHP

Elaine McArthur is a graduate of Healing Fragrances School of Aromatherapy where she has gained insight into the power of essential oils. Danielle Sade has been instrumental in encouraging her to succeed in this new art.  Learning how to formulate, develop creams and lotions  and other products has opened her creative side. This  offers many opportunities in this new field for her.

Elaine has an established business, Natural Solutions Massage Therapy since 1999. Her love of using natural products and essential oils will be an asset to her clients.

Massage and aromatherapy truly complement  one another; she has found her niche.

Elaine can be reached at


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