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Botanical Name: Thymus vulgaris

Botanical Family:   Labiatae

Place of Origin:  Spain

Methods of Extraction:  Steam distillation of needles and flowers

Scent:  Fresh minty herbacous

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Sweet Thyme has a clean, herbaceous, green aroma and is very useful during bouts of illness. It is a great oil for lethargy, digestive problems and respiratory conditions.

Properties:  Antibacterial, Anticatarrhal, Anti-infectious, Neurotonic, Digestive stimulant, Antirheumatic.

Aromatherapy Applications:  Resperatory infections (Bronchitis, pnemonia) Stomach infections, Acne, Immune stimulant

Mind & Body: Stimulating, invigorating 

Aromatherapist Recommendations:

  • This is a wonderful oil to diffuse during the Cold & flu season
  • Try adding 1 drop each of Thyme, Lemon and Rosemary to the water in a diffuser to help create a 'germ-free zone' during times of family ills.
  • Blend 2 drops of Thyme, 3 drops of Geranium and 1 drop of Palmarosa in a teaspoon of Peach Kernel oil. Use as a body massage oil to help you get back on your feet after illness or if you are feeling run-down. 
  • Contraindications: Non toxic and non irritant in prescribed doses.
  • Chakra: Base & Heart.
  • Chinese Element: Water & Metal.



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