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Botanical Name:  Plumera rubera

Botanical Family:  Apocynaceae

Place of Origin:  India

Methods of Extraction:  Extraction from the petals

Scent:  Deep romanitic exotic floral scent

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Properties:  Anti-inflammatory,  Natural preservative

Aromatherapy Applications:  Acts a preservative in skin care products.

Mind & Body:  Romantic, feminine exotic opens up the inner awareness.

Aromatherapist Recommendations:

  • Extracted from the delicate white fragrant frangipani flowers, this oil is thought of as a romantic oil due to its rich, heady, exotic scent. Its anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants make it a great choice to use in night creams and lotions for its preventative effects.
  • On an emotional level Frangipani oil promotes inner peace, self awareness and confidence. It can also help to ease tension and brighten your mood.
  • The oil is extracted from the delicate white fragrant frangipani flowers. It is often used in expensive perfumes for its sensual aroma. The flowers are worn in the hair of women from southern India.
  • Frangipani is a great oil to add to skincare products and body creams for a long lasting fragrance. A little goes a long way as this oil is very powerful. It contains anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants so  is also chosen for deep cleansing products.
  • Blends well with the other floral oils and citrus oils.


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