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Lavender High Altitude

Botanical Name: Lavandula officinalis

Botanical Family:  Labiatae

Place of Origin:  France (barrame)

Methods of Extraction:  Steam distillation from flowering tops

Scent: Fresh deep floral scent



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Lavender is a hardy shrub which grows up to one meter in height.

Lavender has a fresh, floral, sweet aroma and is clear to pale yellow in colour. Our Lavender grows at around 1,000 metres in the foothills of the Alps, in the Provence region of France. It has a 44% Linalyl Acetate content indicating a superior quality oil. Its overall Ester content is 50-52%, which gives this exceptionally fine oil its gentle, rounded aroma.

Properties:  Analgesic, Antibacterial, Antifungal, Anti-inflammatory, Antirheumatic, Antispasmodic, Calmative.

Aromatherapy Applications:  Stress, insomnia, headaches, Bronchitis, sinusitis, asthma, Palpitations varicose veins, Acne, burns, ezema inflammation, insect bites, wounds, sunburn, Menstrual pain,  Muscular aches and pains, rheumatisim, arthritis,

Mind & Body:  Calming and sedating

Aromatherapist Recommendations:

  • Lavender is the most widely used essential oil in aromatherapy, particularly for its relaxing and antiseptic properties. It is a calming and stabilising oil and is good for many ailments such as headaches, muscular aches and pains, skin conditions, PMT and irritability.
  • The plant name is derived from the latin 'Lavare' - to wash, probably from its use to cleanse wounds.
  • Lavender is best known for its relaxing properties, try placing two drops on a handkerchief by your pillow at bedtime.
  • As Lavender blends very well with many other oils, try the following blend: 3 drops of Lavender, 3 drops of Mandarin and 1 drop of Geranium in a teaspoon of Sweet Almond oil, add to a warm bath for a long, relaxing soak.
  • For summer burns try using 5 drops of lavender in 50 ml of aloe gel, will relieve burns.
  • For insomnia - 2 drops on the pillow 
  • For acne - 5 drops in 1 tbls. of witch hazel and use as an astringent.
  • Contraindications: Non toxic and non irritant in prescribed doses.
  • Chakra: Heart, Crown & Base.
  • Chinese Element: Fire (& Wood)


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