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Botanical Name:  Leptospermum scoparium

Botanical Family:  Myrtaceae

Place of Origin:   New Zealand

Methods of Extraction:  Steam distillation

Scent:  Strong woodsy camphor scent



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Manuka is strong and earthy, with clear undertones. Manuka essential oil is relatively new but gaining in popularity in the Northern Hemisphere. The oil contains an unusual chemical ' leptospermone ' which has been found to be strongly anti-bacterial and insecticidal.

Properties:  anti-septic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal

Aromatherapy Applications:  Infections, colds, flu, sinus infections, Athletes foot, candida, thrush

Mind & Body:  Grounding and refreshing

Aromatherapist Recommendations:

Manuka can be used wherever Tea Tree would be used and because it has a sweeter, less medicinal aroma, it is often preferred for diffusing.

For healthy feet and toes, try 4 drops of Manuka blended with 10ml of Grapeseed oil, add to a warm footbath. Soak the feet for at least 10 minutes, pat dry and apply the remains of the blend.

For oily or problem hair, try 10 drops of Manuka, 5 drops of Rosemary and 5 drops of Lemon in 100ml of unfragranced shampoo or conditioner.


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