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Sweet Orange (Farmed)

Botanical Name:  Citrus aurantium var. sinensis

Botanical Family:  Rutaceae

Place of Origin: Italy

Methods of Extraction: Cold expression of the fruit

Scent: Fresh citrus orange aroma.

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The extraction of the oil from the skin of the fruit itself produces this organic essential oil.  It can become a complicated process as it results in two products the essential oil, and the juice of the fruit.

Properties:  Antibacterial, Anti-depressant

Aromatherapy Applications:  Used for depression, Anxiety, S.A.D.,Headaches, Nausea

Mind & Body:  Uplifting, and Joyful

Aromatherapist Recommendations:   Diffuse 5-6 drops this lovely sweet orange citrus aroma in car or office to relieve anxiety and stress.

This wonderful oil makes an excellent addition to any winter evening.  For heart-warming bath, blend 2 drops of Sweet Orange, 3 drops of Lavender and 2 drops of Benzoin in table spoon of base oil.

For creating a warm evening ambiance, blend 6 drops of Sweet orange 3 drops of Cinnamon Bark in a diffusser.

Contraindications: Should be used in moderation for sensitive skin, Phototoxic

Chakra: Base, Sacral chakra

Chinese Element: Water element


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